Training Tips



Participate in a variety of sports to help prevent burnout and overuse injuries

General conditioning to reduce your risk for injuries

KIPP= Knee Injury Prevention Program

  • 15-minute neuromuscular warm-up routine of strengthening exercises, plyometrics, balance training, agility drills, and active stretching that has been shown to reduce the risk for knee and other lower extremity injuries.
  • Will provide increased strength, flexibility, coordination, core strength and stability
  • Increases awareness of unsafe knee positions and movements during athletic maneuvers
  • Improved body mechanics for jumping, landing, pivoting and decelerating
  • Reduced risk for knee and ankle injuries such as ACL tears or ankle sprains

See link for exercises and description

Thrower’s 10 Program

  • Band and light free weighted exercises for the upper extremity focused on the rotator cuff and elbow musculature
  • Prevents rotator cuff and elbow pathology such as tendonitis and ligament sprains like tommy john.
  • Increases grip and shoulder allowing for improved speed and accuracy for throwing

See link for exercises and description



For questions relating to injuries or pitch counts contact:
Sarah Plumley PT, DPT, ATC
Physical Therapist and Athletic Trainer
NovaCare at DePaul University
2235 N. Sheffield Ave. #120
Chicago, IL 60614
(P): 773.525.4966

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