LPBA offers year-round individual, group, and team lessons in the Chicagoland area. Private and group sessions are 30 or 60 minutes, team lessons are 1-2 hours. All lessons are customized to teach any combination of pitching, hitting, catching and fielding. Lessons take place at the LPBA batting cage in OZ Park. Softball lessons with LPBA softball instructor Mattie Lentz.

Outdoor private lessons at LPBA batting cage located at 2021 N. Burling (between Lincoln Park High School and Oz Park)
Contact: Steve Borg to schedule lessons 312-246-1616,  sborg@lpba.co

OZ Park Lessons June-October 31, 2020
30-min private lessons- $45.00/ea.
30-min private group lesson(2 players)-$80.00
60-min private group lesson (2 players)-$155
Additional group lessons available

Package Price
3-30 min lesson package $125
5-30 min lesson package $200
8-30 min lesson package $315
3-30 min lessons (2 players) $230
3-60 min private group lesson (2 players)-$455
Please contact Steve Borg for more details at:



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