Indoor winter private lessons taking place at Bash Sports Academy

LPBA offers year-round individual, group, and team lessons in the Chicagoland area. Private and group sessions are 30 or 60 minutes, team lessons are 1-2 hours. All lessons are customized to teach any combination of pitching, hitting, catching and fielding. Lessons take place at the LPBA batting cage in OZ Park and Bash Sports Academy.

Indoor November-April lessons indoors at Bash Sports Academy, 2617 W. Fletcher.
Contact: Steve Borg to schedule lessons 312-246-1616,  sborg@lpba.co

OZ Park Lessons April-October
30-min private lessons- $45.00/ea.
30-min private lesson(2 players)-$40.00/ea
60-min private lesson- $85.00/ea.
Group lessons available

Package Price
3-30 min lessons $125
5-30 min lessons $200
3-30 min lessons (2 players) $230
3-60 min lessons $220
Please contact Steve Borg for more details at:


GameTime Video Private Lesson:

LPBA will attend your child’s game and video tape them batting, pitching, or playing defense. We will than analyze the video and pictures and customize a 30 minute lesson based on the captured results. You will receive a copy of the video and pictures for your review.

1 video session and 30 minute lesson $90.00
1 video session and (2) 30 minute lessons $125.00
1 video session and (3) 30 minute lessons $170.00
2 video sessions and (2) 30 minute lessons $180.00

The best way to improve mechanics is through visual feedback.

Recent studies have shown that visual and interactive learning provide the best measure of improvement among students and athletes. Skill sports like baseball, golf, tennis, and football utilize video feedback because the speed of movement in these sports is too fast for the naked eye to evaluate mechanical deficiencies.

LPBA’s GameTime video analysis provides a comprehensive practice plan for athletes to improve on their own, independent of private instruction.

Contact Steve Borg at sborg@lpba.co for more details and schedule your GameTime session.

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