LPBA offers year-round individual, group, and team baseball and softball lessons in the Chicagoland area. Private and group sessions are 30 or 60 minutes, team lessons are 1-2 hours. All lessons are customized to teach any combination of pitching, hitting, catching and fielding. Lessons take place at the LPBA batting cage in OZ Park.
Ages 8+

Outdoor lessons start April 1st at the LPBA batting cage located at 2021 N. Burling (between Lincoln Park High School and Oz Park)
Contact: Steve Borg to schedule lessons 312-246-1616,  sborg@lpba.co

OZ Park Lessons April-October
30-min private lessons- $60.00/ea.
60-min semi-private lesson (2 players)-$110
Additional group lessons available

Package Price
3-30 min lesson package $165
5-30 min lesson package $280
8-30 min lesson package $430
3-60 min semi-private lessons (2 players)-$330


Lessons will be conducted at our Oz Park batting cage by Logan Robinson
30-min private lesson-$50
3-30 min lesson package $135
Please contact Steve Borg for more details at:

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